Thursday, May 23, 2019

Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy is a miraculous and exciting new time for expecting mothers. It also comes with its occasional setbacks too. Certified prenatal massage therapists can relieve the negative symptoms of pregnancy. It helps swollen ankles, leg cramps, headaches, and lower back pain. Each and every pregnancy is a new experience. That’s why Dr. Michael Wilson of Kosak Chiropractic provides prenatal massage to our patients in Fairfield, CA.


Prenatal massage differentiates from other kinds by its unique application process. The most important aspect is keeping the mother and child safe. The mother is supported by pillows and cushioning during the massage. This protects her and the baby from any unnecessary strain. It also minimizes any extra pressure from hurting the lower back or pelvic area during.


Safety is the biggest concern. The massage is gentle, with many areas of the body being avoided entirely. Deep tissue techniques are never used. Instead, your Fairfield massage therapists focus on areas like the feet and back.


There are many benefits for the expecting mother. The gentle kneading techniques are very comforting. It provides both emotional and physical relief. It reduces your stress and anxiety while relieving physical symptoms.


Make sure to speak to your doctor or midwife before scheduling a prenatal massage. This is especially true if you are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy. Low-risk pregnancies can greatly benefit.


Kosak Chiropractic is located in Fairfield, CA. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Michael Wilson, visit our website or call 707-426-1111.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Disc Herniation

Your spine is made up of vertebra, each unique and necessary for your everyday function. In between these are intervertebral discs. A disc herniation occurs when one of these discs becomes herniated, essentially slipping out-of-place. The result is severe and radiating pain throughout your back. When this happens, contact Kosak Chiropractic in Fairfield, CA, right away. Dr. Michael Wilson can help.


The first appointment starts with a physical examination. Your Fairfield chiropractor checks your reflexes, nerve sensation, and muscle strength. He’ll also discuss your medical history with you. Dr. Wilson moves on to evaluate the entire spine. This pinpoints where exactly the herniated disc is.


A treatment plan is created once the herniated disc is located. This revolves around spinal manipulation or adjustments. It is highly individualized to your body and needs. Your pain levels, overall health, and activity are major factors. The adjustment therapy moves the disc back into place. It will help diminish and relieve your symptoms.


Dr. Wilson determines whether you are eligible for his disc herniation treatment. It’s based solely on his medical opinion. Advanced injuries may require a spinal surgeon.


Herniated discs happen for a variety of reasons. Falling or injuring yourself is common. There are also genetic and health factors, like degenerative spinal diseases.


If you’re injured, Dr. Michael Wilson is here to help. If you or a loved one could benefit from our disc herniation therapy, contact Kosak Chiropractic in Fairfield, CA. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Wilson, visit our website or call 707-426-1111.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Auto Accident Injury

Unfortunately, car accidents are all too common in today's world. Yet even a mild impact collision can do substantial damage to the human body. It is best to get checked out by medical professionals after an accident, especially by a chiropractor. Dr. Michael Wilson of Kosak Chiropractic, located in Fairfield, CA., offers auto accident injury treatment.


With other medical professionals, they focus on treating the symptoms not solving the problem. That’s not the case with chiropractic care. Chiropractors administer safe, drug-free treatments that focus on harmonizing your body. Your body can only work at its true potential when everything works in unity. This is especially true after you sustain injuries from an auto accident.


When you are hit with a sudden stop or collision, the force runs through your body and buckles at your weakest points, your joints. Your spinal joints and discs are incredibly vulnerable to subluxation or dislocation. If left untreated, pain in the lower spine can devolve into sciatic pain. This is a chronic condition where the roots of your sciatic nerve send radiating pain through your torso and legs. Whiplash can dislocate your cervical components and tear your soft tissues.


Dr. Wilson will examine you, using x-rays to determine where your body has been injured. He will then correct the joints and spinal components that have been put out of place. For soft tissue injuries, treatments like massage, hydrotherapy, and advanced H-Wave technology are recommended. Rehabilitated exercise can also be utilized.


Dr. Michael Wilson of Kosak Chiropractic is located in Fairfield, CA. To schedule an appointment, visit our website or call 707-426-1111.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

What is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic services and care focuses on the holistic treatment of your musculoskeletal and nervous systems. It focuses on harmonizing your body, helping you utilize your bodies natural healing mechanisms. Chiropractors also provide nutrition and lifestyle advice, including rehabilitative and therapeutic exercises. Dr. Micahel Wilson of Kosak Chiropractic, located in Fairfield, CA., offers a variety of services dedicated to improving your overall health.


The first thing that Dr. Wilson does is locate the cause of your pain. Treating it will then resolve all the resulting symptoms. The most common problems that Dr. Wilson works with is neck pain relief and headaches, along with auto accident, work-related, lower-back, and sports-related injuries. Dr. Wilson is especially skilled in helping you heal or manage conditions such as spinal stenosis, scoliosis, herniated discs, and degenerative disc disease.


But how does a chiropractor treat these conditions? And how is this different than any other medical professional? The biggest difference between chiropractors and other medical doctors is that chiropractors focus on actually solving the problem, not just treating its symptoms. Other doctors will just give you medication to treat the symptoms. Dr. Wilson uses chiropractic techniques to actually resolve your issues.


A common chiropractic technique that Dr. Wilson uses is spinal manipulation or a chiropractic adjustment. It is especially beneficial for those suffering from lower back pain. Dr. Wilson manually applies controlled force to your restricted joints. This restores mobility, along with alleviating pain and muscle tightness. What this accomplishes is allowing your injured tissue to begin to heal.


Dr. Michael Wilson of Kosak Chiropractic is located in Fairfield, CA. To schedule an appointment, visit our website or call 707-426-1111.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Welcome New Patients!

Dr. Michael Wilson of Kosak Chiropractic offers a variety of chiropractic services at his practice in Fairfield, CA. Many people believe that chiropractors can only help you with back or neck pain. This is a common misconception. Our chiropractic services help you identify and resolve the issues causing you discomfort throughout your body. We do this through a variety of techniques, including massage therapy, spinal alignments, exercises, and more.


If you’ve never been to a chiropractor before, you might be nervous or unsure of what will happen at your first appointment. Our staff here at Kosak Chiropractic want you to be comfortable. That’s why we will provide you with a little bit of insight into the new patient process.


Like with all doctors appointments, we will start you off with some paperwork. This will give us some insight into your medical history and what’s currently troubling you. After, you will meet with Dr. Wilson for your first consultation. It’s important to discuss all your health-related concerns so he can better assess your condition. Next, a complete chiropractic examination will be done. Dr. Wilson will be checking your reflexes and flexibility, along with the standard neurological, orthopedic, postural, and physical tests. Depending on the results, an x-ray may be performed.


After all the information and data has been collected, Dr. Wilson will meet with you to go over his findings. A treatment recommendation will be given and adjusted according to your needs and opinions.


At Kosak Chiropractic, we want you to feel at home. Don’t be nervous about making your first appointment. To schedule, visit our website or call 707-426-1111. Dr. Michael Wilson is available at our Fairfield, CA office by appointment.

Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy is a miraculous and exciting new time for expecting mothers. It also comes with its occasional setbacks too. Certified prenatal ma...